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What many small businesses realize too late is that having a robust and well-structured network is one of the best ways to stabilize and grow their business. Having a reliable IT infrastructure will also allow you to save money because it helps you share resources within your company and sets you up to utilize new technology as soon as it arrives, keeping you at the front of the pack.

Office Network Solutions

Is your office currently networked? If so, is it being properly maintained? Tek-Support can assist you in the design and implementation of your small office network. 
Networking the computers in your office is simple, inexpensive, and offers great benefits, such as:

Printer Sharing: Save money by buying just a couple of printers that everyone can share.

File Sharing: Setting up a file server provides a central location for your company’s critical data, which allows multiple people to use it, and makes back ups much easier and more reliable.

Network Security: Can be set up to ensure that sensitive data is protected. A secured, locked-up network server is much safer than a desktop computer for storing sensitive data like payroll and accounting records. Any PC that can be physically touched can be compromised. Storing all of the data on a server takes the sensitive data off the desktop PCs.

Internet Access: Networked computers can access the Internet and email. Email can be a great tool within your company, as well as when dealing with the outside world.

Data Backup: All of your critical business files can be backed up from any computer at any time, ensuring that if you have any systems breakdown, your important files can be restored quickly and easily


It’s good time to build a network if you don’t already have one. Wireless networks are available which operate on the same principles as cordless telephones. This eliminates wires and allows freedom of movement. Standard network cabling and network cards are extremely affordable and can be set up quickly.

Home Network Solutions

If you have more than one computer in the house, and you want to share files on the fly then we can help. Another benefit of home networking is the ability to backup all PCs to central location. Tek-Support offers the following network solutions to home users:

Workgroup: All your PCs will be on the same workgroup and can share and desired files.

Homegroup: Microsoft solution for easy networking is available for Windows 7 operating systemWindows

Home Server: This operating system is based on Microsoft server 2003 and offer easy management of network and easy hassle free backup of all computers in the house. You can get it in a retail package such as HP MediaSmart, or we can customize a home server for you.

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