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Data Recovery In South Florida

Data Recovery In South Florida


    Experience you can trust

    With over 30+ years of industry experience, Datalab has become a leading name in the data recovery field. Our team consists of top notch technicians, experts and file recovery engineers. We have recovered countless memories, data from USB flash drives, SSD and HDD drives, for students, professionals, and businesses. We are the go-to-guys in Florida when it comes to file recovery. Here are some of the clients Datalab have serviced: Sun Sentinel City of Deerfield Systemax Tyco South Florida Department of Interior Broward Sheriff’s Office U.S. Navy Nova Southeastern University The City of Coral Gables Steeda Autosports

    Competitive Prices

    Individuals and companies sometimes need to recover deleted files or restore data. When this happens, it’s essential to know you can trust a data recovery company to undelete those files and get the data back to you promptly and discretely. But, data recovery services can be costly if performed out-of-state or with the wrong provider. Luckily Datalab is committed to providing the lowest prices available for both students and companies. With a customer-first mentality, Datalab has chosen to stay small while competitors expand. And this has led to lower overhead costs, which allows us to offer more competitive prices.

    Real Expertise And Knowledge

    Our engineers have the tools where they can meticulously control and adjust the hard drives’ internal components to make sure all data is retrieved and are up-to-date with the latest techniques. Whether you’re looking for a hard drive data recovery service, flash drive recovery service, iPhone data recovery service, or even a DELL Poweredge server file recovery service, our engineers can do it all. We also have extensive knowledge of old (or legacy) operating systems in case you need retrieval from an older machine. We are experts at RAID data recovery services, VMware data recovery, Unix data recovery, IBM Netfinity recovery, Snap Server recovery, and NVME data recovery among others.

    Excellent Customer Service

    Another thing that sets up apart is our emergency data recovery service for businesses and enterprises. If your servers crash or emergencies occur, you can quickly call us at (888) 943-8328, and we’ll provide phone support 24/7 and even visit on-site to fix the problem. And the best part, if we fail at your recovery, you do not pay a recovery fee.


    Datalab engineers are trained to recover data from any type of device. We specialize in the following data and file recovery scenarios:

    Photo Data Recovery
    We are experts at memory card data recovery, SD card recovery, flash drive recovery, USB data recovery, SIM Card recovery, DVD and CD recovery. Even if the photos were erased or overwritten from these devices or these devices were damaged or malfunction we can recover the files. We can also recover the photos if they were stored in the cameras themselves, on a desktop or laptop, or if they were stored separately and you need external drive recovery.
    USB/ Flash Drive Recovery
    At Datalab, we can rescue USB and Flash drives even if they have been dropped, are cracked, have been poorly made, have viruses, their files have been deleted, the data is corrupted, or even if they have flood or fire damage.
    Mobile Phone/ File Recovery
    Mobile phone file recovery or data recovery becomes necessary when an iPhone breaks, the screen shatters, when the files are manually deleted, or when a virus disrupts normal functioning.
    If your phone is in any of these conditions, we can help.
    We can recover valuable information like contact information, music, videos, or business data and have experience with Androids, iPhones, HTC, LG, Nokia, etc.
    Hard Drive & Hard Disk Recovery
    We are experts at hard drive data recovery. From desktops to laptops to servers alike, we have experience with hard drive data recovery even if they have experienced:
    Viruses Bad, Sectors, Crashes, Component failures, Reformatting of partitions,
    Electrical Damage, Corrupted Data Fire or water damage, and Accidental file deletion,
    We specialize in NTFS recovery, SCSI recovery, and SATA Recovery.
    Database Recovery
    Datalab is experienced in accessing and recovering data from all types of databases, including Oracle, Microsoft Access, SQL, MySQL, and SQLite.
    Operating System Recovery
    If your operating system has crashed, we are also experts at Windows, Linux, and Mac data recovery. We also specialize in Windows recovery and can service the following versions:
    95/98/ME, Windows NT (Workstation and Server), Windows 2000, Windows XP (Pro and Home), Windows 2003, Windows Vista
    Email File Recovery
    Need to recover an important email? We can retrieve data from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Eudora, Apple Mail, and Lotus Notes even if the email was deleted, there was a virus, or your email server crashed or failed.
    Encrypted Data Recovery
    A lost password or encryption key in a company could prove disastrous. Luckily, Datalab has years of experience working with companies and enterprises handling encrypted data recovery efforts.
    Datalab can work together with your IT department to retrieve highly sensitive information following the security protocols of your company.
    Solid State Drive Recovery
    Datalab is also able to provide SSD Recovery services. If you have a faulty Solid State Drive that needs recovery, Datalab engineers are trained to help. With special hardware designed for SSD chip recoveries, Datalab is a pioneer of SSD Recoveries.


    Datalab and computer repair are more than happy to help you.If you lost precious family photo, or your business servers have unexpectedly crashed. Below you can find steps we take to get your data back.

    In Store Dropoff

    1 Visit our store in Tallahassee with your computer or drive for evaluation.

    2. During the evaluation, we will determine if the recovery can be performed in store, or if it needs to go to Datalab.

    3. If the device needs to be shipped to datalab, the store will package up your hard drive (or other data medium) and ship it for you.

    4. Once received at Datalab, they will inspect the drive and provide you with a no obligation recovery quote.

    5. Datalab will walk you through the recovery process, verifying your successful recovery, and will mail your recovered data back to you!

    Skip the Store Mail It In

    1. Call Datalab at (888) 943-8328 or fill out our online form at the top of this page.

    2. Datalab will contact you about your recovery and go over data recovery details.

    3. Datalab will send you a prepaid shipping label to make it easy to ship your drive to us.

    4. Once received at Datalab, they will inspect the drive and provide you with a no obligation recovery quote.

    5. Datalab will walk you through the recovery process, verifying your successful recovery, and will mail your recovered data back to you!

    Data Recovery For Companies, Enterprises In South Florida

    For larger companies and enterprises that deal with multiple servers and might require specialized attention, immediately call Datalab at (88)943-8328 before diagnosing or troubleshooting yourself. We are ready to provide phone support 24/7 and can even visit on-site to fix the problem. Data recovery of that scale requires the expertise of professional engineers who have decades of experience with data recovery. It is best to let our experts lead the data recovery process if your business data is at stake. with 30+ years of experience, Datalab is ready to help you solve all your data loss needs, from papers to malfunctioning servers, we do it all.